The Face of Cassia

Maintenance Assistant Tim Douglas

Face of Caring – September 2021

Tim Douglas has been a member of the maintenance team at Regent at Burnsville for the past four years. He is always friendly and gives 100% and more of his time and energy to any given task or encounter, whether you are a resident, family member or an employee.  He goes out of his way to meet and exceed others expectations. You never hear a negative comment from him and he always has a positive attitude.

Tim is responsive to work orders and even though he has a busy schedule, he never complains—even if he may have to go back multiple times to fix a TV or adjust a thermostat. During COVID, Tim assisted our housekeepers who were out ill and has assisted us with infection control efforts.

Recently, a resident’s daughter sent a note complimenting Tim for rushing to her mother’s apartment to fix her television. When the resident apologized for interrupting Tim’s busy day, he said, “You’re important too!” Tim’s fellow staff members feel very lucky that he has chosen to work at Regent.

“I love my job because I love taking care of people,” Tim says. “It’s all about the people!”