The Face of Cassia

Leighton Hall at Valley View Village in Des Moines

Valley View Village residents in Des Moines Iowa say they know when Licensed Practical Nurse Leighton Hall is working by “the sound of his laughter floating down the halls.” Many family members praise Leighton’s care and compassion toward their loved ones. “Leighton is the epitome of professionalism and friendliness,” says family member Marjorie Joelson. “He takes the time to explain any and all concerns and listens to our needs. My mother was very worried about not staying in her own home, but with Leighton’s care, she feels ‘at home.’” Family members Don and Martha Newell say Leighton is helpful, easy to talk to and a great employee. These are only a few of Leighton’s fans—and when it comes to staff leadership, we are big fans too!