The Face of Cassia

Jennifer Torrini

Welcome to the Face of Caring, where we highlight Cassia’s dedicated caregivers and share their passion and commitment! Our first article highlights Licensed Practical Nurse Jennifer Torrini, who received the Excellence in Leadership Award from Augustana Care in 2018. Jennifer began working at Cassia’s Augustana Regent community more than two years ago as an evening nurse. 

Jennifer routinely goes out of her way to make sure residents’ needs are met and listens closely to their concerns. On many occasions, she spends the evening comforting and consoling residents dealing with difficult diagnoses. In addition, she spends time with family members who are having trouble dealing with a loved one’s illness.

Jennifer makes daily rounds in memory care and care suites, checking in with staff and visiting with residents. She follows up with family members and communicates complex information in ways that are easy to understand. 

Jennifer originally came to Augustana Regent because she was the niece of a former resident, stepping in to be his primary family contact after he lost his wife. “She was amazing in her compassion for him, and continues to show the same love and compassion for residents at Augustana Regent,” says Executive Director Vicki Tobroxen.

In addition, Jennifer motivates and inspires her team, and is not afraid to conduct stand-up meetings to discuss issues and concerns. She works with her team to engage with residents, getting to know the whole person versus only their health issues. “Jennifer is able to anticipate their needs before they ask and already be working to solve the problem,” Vicki Tobroxen adds. 

“I really enjoy learning people’s stories and getting to know them,” Jennifer says. “It’s also a very rewarding feeling if you can be a light for someone during dark times and provide hope and comfort.”

Thank you, Jennifer, for all you do for the residents and patients we serve—and by extension, their families.