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Cane ice grip

Raising Cane


Among older adults, falls are the most common cause of traumatic head injury, and icy walkways are a very common cause of winter falls. In an online article on the Mayo Clinic website, Minnesota is credited with the third highest incidence of serious falls due to ice and snow. The National Council on Aging has a great tip sheet for things you can do to help prevent or at least reduce falls; using a Cane Ice Grip is one of the suggestions. The Ice Grip is a simple device that attaches to the end of a cane. Its sharp prongs dig into the ice and help to keep the cane, or crutches, from slipping. To keep from marring indoor flooring, the grip folds up out of the way. You can find the Sunmark Cane Ice Grip on or at the Online Drugstore for under $10.

Kate Ingalls-Maloney is Cassia’s Director of Technology Integration and Education.